Our Services

We're a family business based in Slovenia. All products are made in-house in our private production facility. Our main business focus is production of tablets and capsules - mainly natural&organic in origin.


Capsule filling

We have two fully-automatic capsule filling machines with capacity of over 200.000 capsules/hour. We offer two capsule sizes "0" and "00". Capsule shells can be made of ORGANIC Pullulan, Vegan HPMC or Gelatine. Shells are available in a variety of colours.


tablet pressing

We can produce tablets of many shapes and sizes. Tablets are made using our press machine which compacts powders under many tons of pressure. We also offer the option to put coating over the tablets. Coating can be of any colour.


a-z production

Our best-know service is providing all-inclusive product production. We provide everything from ingredient sourcing to packaging and filling. You receive a finished product with your label. 

A quick video representation of our production.